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The First Signs of Spring 2012

I love this time of the year when I can see that spring has arrived! It is finally warm enough again to go outside with a light jacket or even in a T-Shirt! Flowers begin to blossom and nature shows me that the most depressing time of the year is over! I am lucky to be in an area right now that is full of all the beauty nature and spring have to offer:

First Signs of Spring 2012 First Signs of Spring 2012

I have been to a lake yesterday and this view made me start thinking about summer already! Soon it will be war m enough to paddle around the lake in this little boat, have a barbecue and relax in the sun and at some point it will be even warm enough to go swimming.

Boat on a Lake

But still, it is not yet summer and it gets dark early and when it comes to night times it is still freezing cold and the world just looks like winter again.

Anyhow, in my heart it is spring and with that in mind, I can stand even the coldest nights knowing that there will be another warm morning soon!!!! :-)

Happy Spring Everybody!!!!

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