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The Importance of Intrinsic Values

The other day in the tube I overheard two girls talking about a guy one of the girls was obviously dating. It was very interesting to hear what kind of things they valued and highlighted of the guy. They were talking about his body, his way of dressing, his hair, his dancing style and his job. Obviously their whole talk was about everything that is visible to everyone and not just to them. They did not talk at all about his character or the way he was treating the girl or his thoughts about life etc…

This made me realize how different people can be because when I meet a new person I usually observe totally different things. Still taking outside visual things into account, I also care about the character of a person. The way a person talks to me and respects me and my thoughts. It is important to me that the other person has the same values in life than I have. Another thing is the way the person treats me. Even though I am an emancipated woman, I still value traditional good manners like holding a door open for a woman or asking her to help when she is carrying heavy stuff. Those small things are just nice and people can really impress me with this kind of behaviour.

I was really shocked by the way those two girls minimized this guy to his outside attributes and did not care about his intrinsic values which, for me, are much more important! Of course, I would lie if I would say that good looks do not play a role but it is not the most important thing. I can be attracted by other things as well that may be just visible to me and not to everybody else. This makes a person special to me!

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