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Review: The King’s Speech

I finally managed to watch The King’s Speech last week. After two attempts which failed beforehand, S and me finally watched it on Friday night. Even though it was freezing cold in the cinema we had chosen, we absolutely enjoyed the movie.

The King's Speech

Beforehand, I was always asking myself what people found so special about a movie that is just about one speech of a king. I wanted to know what was so special about this speech and was surprised when I saw the movie and figured out that the content of the speech was not at all important for the movie. It was the fact that the king (Collin Firth) was not able to hold a speech because of his stammering. The whole movie is about his speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush) trying to prepare him to hold a speech and get rid of his stammer. This training is presented in such a lovely and funny way that the movie is totally compelling to the viewer.  It is actually fun what kind of ways the speech therapist tries to go in order to make the king to overcome his stammer problem.

The actors are a fantastic choice! They totally fit their roles and play in an amazing way. Both, the king and the speech therapist are lovely and after a while you really feel with them. You can feel the disappointment in the speech therapist when the king stammers over and over again no matter how hard he tries and of course you can also feel the sadness and the feeling of giving up in the king when he doesn’t believe in himself anymore. You seriously keep your fingers crossed in the end when he is about to hold the speech…

The King’s Speech is about 2 hours long but I enjoyed every second of it. I am glad that I finally went and see it and I can highly recommend it to everyone else if you haven’t yet seen it.

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