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The Luggage Issue

I have been flying a lot latelyand a thing that I always notice and that always annoys me is the hand luggage and general luggage regulations. Of course, it is ok that you are just allowed a certain amount of luggage. But does it make a difference how you carry the weight? Is there a real difference if I have 22kg of luggage and 8kg of hand luggage or 20kg of luggage and 10kg of hand luggage??? The total amount of weight at will be in the airplane is exactly the same!!! Once I had to unpack stuff from my suitcase and carry it with me in my hand luggage. That made my hand luggage a big bigger but not too big to take it with me in the cabin. On the other hand, it would have fitted underneath the seat in front of me whereas after adding the stuff from my suitcase I needed to use the overhead lockers which is annoying because I am kind of stealing other peoples space…

Not just the weight of the luggage is an issue but as well the weight of the people. I do not weigh that much and I consider myself having a perfectly fine and normal body. Other people, who are much bigger are also carrying around much more weight. Shouldn’t I be allowed to have more weight in my suitcase then? Isn’t it a bit unfair that we have different total weighs??? Of course, I can also hear people argue now that it is ethically not correct and some people are not to blame for their weight because of an illness but seriously, how often is that the case??? There might be a few cases but the majority is just lazy and eats unhealthy! Thus, I think it would be a great idea to weigh people and their luggage together to know the total amount of kilos they bring into the airplane. This way it would only be fair! People who have a serious illness can easily get this certified by a doctor and are not to blame then.

Another thing regarding luggage that bothers me is that people who go away for 3 months or longer and have actual proof about it are not allowed more luggage than people who are just traveling for a couple of days. When I first went to the UK to stay there for a year, I was just allowed to take 20kg with me which is not a lot if you have to pack cloths for a whole year…

I really think that the luggage and weight regulations of airlines need a general make over to improve customer service and to become fair for everyone. What is your opinion about it???

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