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The Luxury of Having Too Many Options

Hello my dears!!! How is everybody??? I am kind of disappointed at the moment because we are trying to book our holidays for our week off in August but it seems kind of impossible to find something that meets our expectations and our price limit… :-) Also, there are way too many options!!!

Originally, we wanted to go to New York as a friend of mine lives there but then he told us that he is moving house in the exact same week that we wanted to go there… Bummer!!!

The second plan was the North of Spain as I always wanted to go there. The Atlantic coast is supposed to be amazingly beautiful (not to talk about the food…)

Yesterday, we finally considered the greek islands like Kos and Rhodos. My boyfriend went to the tracel agent today to get some offers but it turns out, there are way to many options and recommendation of other travelers online vary from absolutely horrible to amazingly great for almost every hotel (except of the ridiculously expensive ones of course that seem to have only great evaluations…)

Turns out, we just can’t decide! Maybe it is just the luxury of having too many options! Or we are just too selective. Whatever it is, I am annoyed of it because we just want to go on holidays and are simply not able to decide!!!

I’ll let you know what we pick in the end (if there is ever going to be a decision…)

Wish you all a fantastic, less stressful night!!!

5 Kommentare

  1. You can find cheap places to stay in many Greek islands and if you don’t have the five star hotel expectation, you’ll have a great time too. As for the north of Spain, it sounds very very tempting. Have you considered Italy at all?


      • Enjoy your time in Greece! Kos is a very beautiful island and I totally recommend a day trip to Turkey, just for the food. I mean Turkey has very nice scenery, but the food is too die for!


  2. I was reading The Happiness Project last night and in it the author says that when we have too many options, we often find it difficult to choose, or worse- we end up not making a choice at all! I am sure you will zero in on a great holiday spot soon :)


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