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The Most Depressing Day of the Year

According to the news, today is statistically the most depressing day of the year! I have to say, it wasn’t a great day and for someone who loves the sun and warm weather like me, today definitely was depressing!

When I left for work today, it was raining cats and dogs! It was horrible!!! The sky was soooo dark covered with thick dark grey clouds! When I opened the door I was welcomed by a wall of rain which was soaking up my cloths and making me feel extremely cold!

For me, having to wear heavy and thick cloths and freezing all the time is the most horrible situation! I love the sun and even if I see just a tiny bit of it or when I can feel a ray of sun touching my skin, I already feel warmer and more comfortable. The sun makes everything look nicer. Especially in winter, the sun is so important to me because it makes things appear less grey… I cannot describe the feelings that sun causes in me. I am just happier when there is sun and when it is grey and rainy, depending on how extreme the weather is and how long I haven’t seen the sun for,  I start feeling depressed which is horrible! Even now, when I only have to hear the rain, it makes me feel terrible. I feel like in a prison of rain! I cannot move freely and all the time I go outside I get wet somehow and when I’m finally inside again it takes forever for my cloths to dry and I hate the feeling of wet cloths on my skin!!!

Sitting in the office the whole day with a view into the grey sky or a watery wall does not help! It was basically a day to stay in bed!!! Bless all who have been able to! Sunny and warmer days usually give me energy and make me be much more active and productive! I can totally understand why people feel depressed on a day like today! People who’s mood is highly dependent on warmth and sun didn’t have a chance to feel good today! I cannot describe how exactly the sun affects me but it definitely does! Thus, I was considering buying a daylight lamp that is supposed to help people who are depressed by the weather. It apparently makes you feel as sitting in bright daylight and gives your room some sort of sunny atmosphere. I really want such a light!!!

But anyway! Since today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, it cannot get worse than that, can it? It can only become better…

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