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The Netbook Question

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the netbook question! I still really want to have one. I am a total apple supporter and since I bought my first MacBook 3 years ago, I told myself never ever to buy a Windows PC again. At the time I was thinking about a netbook the first time, I was complaining about Apple not having a netbook. Now, a few weeks later Apple introduced the new MacBook Air 11″ which I saw in real for the first time on Friday at the airport. I had lots of time so I had a real close look and I totally fell in love with it:

It is really light and small and I absolutely love the design of it! And of course, it has the Mac Software which is the main reason why I love it! Unfortunately, as all other apple products, it is extremly expensive compared to other netbooks! But I know that I can totally trust the apple quality! I am still really satisfied with my old MacBook and I still want to use it. I just think that for traveling and other times I am taking it with me, my usual MacBook is a bit too big and heavy whereas the Mac Book Air is just practical! But am I ready to invest that much money into a new notebook that I am just using when I’m not at home?

I’m really not sure what I want to do. And then there is the question about the keyboard! The German keyboard is a bit different from the English keyboard because it includes letters like ä, ü, ö and ß! And I really need those letters! Of course there are shortcuts but I’m not sure…. Therefore, it would be more advisable to buy it in Germany if I am going to buy one after all…

I really don’t want to go back to Windows but I am not sure if it’s worth investing in a MacBook Air just for the t
ime away from home… Perhaps I should just wait and think about it in much more detail and do a bit more research on everything before I make a final decision.

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