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The Netbook Question

For a while now I am thinking of buying one of these small netbooks. I am still not quite sure if I actually need it or not but it definitely sounds appealing. Since I am living abroad I travel home once in a while. I do not have a really big and heavy notebook but still, I don’t like carrying it around and rather have a smaller one for these purposes.

I would not only use it for traveling but it would be as well useful to sit down in a coffee place or in a park and work there. This way, I can get out of the house and still able to work. On weekends that are not that busy, I usually spend some time online, checking websites, reading blogs etc… how great would it be to do that somewhere else?

Especially because I am moving to London soon and my room there will be relatively small, going out for a coffee sounds great! Being able to take a computer with me in my handbag without feeling as if I am carrying a brick around would be fantastic…

I know it is not absolutely necessary to have a netbook and I obviously have to focus on spending money for rent and public transportation now but in a few months, this could be something I’d like to reward myself with…

2 Kommentare

  1. Sounds like a great way to reward yourself. Having said that, even notebooks are pretty decent to take to a coffee place… :) Nice blog you have here..will catch up on your posts…


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