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Thursday Thoughts #1 – Appreciation

Thursday Thoughts is going to be a new series here on Tea Time Blog. What this is all about? I simply want to discuss thoughts that are on my mind once a week! There are so many thoughts in my head and I’d like to share some of them here on my blog. I also like to hear your thoughts on my topics, so please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion.

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Today’s Thursday Thoughts’ topic is Appreciation. A few days ago, a friend told me that a family member had been in a terrible car accident and her husband had to be flown to the hospital straight away from the scene of the accident. Only due to his very quick reaction, the rest of the family did not get hurt. If he hadn’t reacted like this, the whole family would be dead right now…

When my friend told me this story, I noticed how quickly everything can change. Just in a blink of an eye, accidents like this can happen and life can be over or change completely. It is very sad, that it always needs something like that to happen in order to wake us up and look at our lives in a different way.

After hearing this story, I started thinking about how wonderful my life is at the moment: I am in love with the man of my dreams, we are renovating a house together and getting married the next year. We both have a fulfilling job and we have no financial struggles. All of our friends and family are healthy. What else could we possibly ask for?

And still, we complain about all the small things in life that sometimes annoy us! Is it worth it? Maybe, we should stop fussing around about the little annoying things and appreciate the bigger good things a bit more. Wouldn’t that make us happier? Ever since I started participating in the High Five For Friday Link-Up this year, I have been appreciating the little things in life that I am thankful for and it is doing me good! I am a happier person!

My goal for the future is to incorporate what I am doing on Fridays on my blog into every day of my life: Appreciating the good things in life and caring much less about the small things that went wrong!

What do you think? Is all the fuss that we are making about small problems really worth it? What is is you are thankful for and what makes you happy? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. I look forward to your thoughts on this – Happy Thursday!

A comment for my thoughts:

You have a question or topic you would like to hear my thoughts on? Please leave a comment and let me know what it ist. I will work on these questions in the upcoming Thursday Thoughts posts. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love this new series! I definitely try and shake off the little annoyances that life can bring. I find helping others who have real problems can help put things in perspective.


    • So true! There are so many people out there with “real” problems! Who am I to complain about not having the right things to wear or stress at the construction site of our new house? Other people don’t even have a roof above their heads… I am trying to come to my senses every time I am annoyed and think before I complain…


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