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Thursday Thoughts #4: Feeling Homesick

Welcome to another round of my Thursday Thoughts Series. I hope you are all doing fine. I am still stressed out but I love having this space here to escape from all the hectic and stress!

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Feeling Homesick

I moved away from my hometown eleven years ago and since then I have been living in various different places in Germany as well as abroad. After living in the UK, I felt so homesick that I had the urge to go back to Germany  and that is what I did. Now, I am back for  almost three years living in the South of Germany which is 600km away from where I grew up…

Don’t get me wrong, I really love being down here! We live in a fantastic area where other people come to enjoy their holidays, I have Christian – the love of my life and many really nice people I can call my friends. Anyhow, once in a while (especially if I haven’t been able to go to my hometown for a longer time), I feel a bit homesick again.

As much as I like everything down here, I really really miss my friends from back home sometimes and it would be nice to be around them more often. Usually, we try to go there several times a year (around every other month) but lately, we have been struggling with making time for that with all the renovation stuff going on. As a matter of fact, I have not been there since mid of March which is a very long time for not seeing my childhood friends who I miss incredibly!

The next trip up there is planned for mid August when we have hopefully settled in our new home and won’t be that stressed anymore. This is still 1 1/2 months to go and by then it will be exactly five months that I have not seen them! I really struggle with this at the moment having the constant urge to just sit in the car and drive up there for a couple of days but I simply do not have the time and that makes me a bit sad.

It is not that I am sitting around crying all the time but I notice that my mood kind of dropped over the last few weeks and that I think about everybody back home a lot more. Usually, this is a sign my body and brain are giving me to say “Hey, you should go home soon…”. Normally, I would simply plan a trip up there and it annoys me so much right now, that I can’t do this!

What about you? Have you ever felt homesick and what did you do to make you feel better? What was the longest time you spent away from your friends?

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7 Kommentare

  1. This is a very common topic lately among my friends who moved away from Greece and a completely personal thing. Some feel more homesick than others, some adjusted well and some not that well and some feel plain miserable. When I first moved to Norway I spend 6 months away from home and it was hard. I had never lived away from home or alone before and to my surprise some of my friends thought that I wouldn’t be able to make it (I was too spoiled, I guess..). I did miss my family and Greece a lot that first year. This year I decided to just visit more often and it works. I still can’t wait to get back, but I don’t feel sad or down. Booking my tickets and planing my trips helps a lot with feeling less homesick. Just focus on the positive!


    • You are absolutely right there! As soon as we’re done with the renovation, I am going to get back to my regular visiting schedule which worked perfectly before. This way, the homesick feelings do not come up in the first place… In terms of travel planning, there is not that much for me to plan as I am not traveling outside the country. There is nothing I need to book in advance as I simply sit in my car and drive for 600km and then I am there… :-) It is simple but very time consuming as it takes me at least 4.5 to 5 hours…


  2. Oh Jana, I understand you so much! I lived in Montreal for three years, at that time I was doing my degree in urbanism. It was only 250km away from home, but for me it was like I was leaving at the other side of the world. As soon as my studies were over, I returned back home. This decision has undoubtedly been largely responsible for the end of my long-term relationship almost a year ago, but today I am more than happy with my situation. For me, home is were family and old friends are. I don’t think I could move far away from them once again.


    • I am usually not the homesick kind of person but I need to go home at least every three months before it is killing me! An upside right now is that some of my friends are planning to visit me down here in a bit which I am very much looking forward to!!! :-) I could not go back and live there again as it is not the right place for me. The city is nice but there is nothing special about it… it has been completely destroyed during WWII and that is why it does not have any historical buildings or anything old for that matter… The area where we live now is amazingly beautiful and improves the quality of life A LOT! I simply wish my friends would live just a tiny bit closer as driving 600km (even on German motorways with no speed limit) takes long!!!


  3. I find that no matter how far from home you are, whether it be another country or just a couple hours, it’s always hard to be away from the place that is so familiar to you. Make time to call and catch up with friends and family. It will tide you over until you get to see them in person.


    • You are absolutely right! In my case, it is more about the people I am missing than the actual place. I am trying to keep in touch with them as often as I can but seeing them in person is very different. But at least we are not totally cut off from one another…


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