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Thursday Thoughts #5: Morning Energy

We are finally back online with a proper internet connection in the house! I cannot tell you I happy I am after 13 days without one… the renovations are far from done on the other hand but we will get there eventually (I will give you a tour through the house then…). At least, I find more time for myself and my hobbies again these days. That is why I can slowly start reinstating my regular blogging schedule starting with today’s Thursday Thoughts post:

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Morning Energy

I am a morning person – have always been, will always be! I love getting up early, even on the weekends, and simply get stuff done! It feels great to have accomplished a lot before 9am when everybody else seems to be getting up.

I know, not everybody is like that. There are people who love sleeping in (don’t get me wrong, I like doing that once in a while, too but most of the time, I feel like I am wasting my precious time) and if you are one of them that is totally fine! You might be more productive late at night or during the day. If you are, on the other hand, like me, use your morning energy efficiently. It does not help your productivity if you get up early just to watch TV. There is no point in doing so. During the morning, we can be highly productive and creative. This will change during the day and sooner or later you’ll find yourself tired and exhausted and wanting a break.

Even though, I am not starting work before 8.30am, I still get up with Christian which is around 6.15am because I like having time in the morning. Many times, like today, I am writing my blog posts at that time. I love that it is quiet in the house and  that nothing is disturbing me. I usually, enjoy a nice cup of tea (surprise, surprise, I am a cup-of-tea-in-the-morning sort of girl), some breakfast and my morning energy – and it feels soooo good!

Another advantage, especially in the summer, is the amazingly fresh and cool air you get at this time of the day. Before we moved into our own house, we lived in a tiny flat right underneath the roof and it could get really hot and stuffy in there – not helping productivity at all… but early in the mornings, I would sit there by an open window, letting the fresh morning air into my brain and I could feel all my energy coming back to me – I just had to use it.

In the mornings, I am not wasting my time with reading emails or checking social media. There is a lot of time for that later during the day when I do not have to be so concentrated and focused anymore. Early mornings are for the important things, the creative work.

Are you a morning person? What is your most productive time of the day? 

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  2. I am definitely not a morning person, but sometimes I like waking up really early to work out. I have so much energy afterwards to go on with my day. I just love it!


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