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Thursday Thoughts: Life Choices

Wow, is it really Thursday again already? This week has been pretty stressful with work for my part-time job as it is rather full time than part time this week due to a trade show participation. I can’t wait for Sunday – my only day off this week to do some more relaxing things such as sleeping and reading and watching TV…

But as it is Thursday, it also means that it is time for my Thursday Thoughts post. Today, I am going to talk about life choices that we make and that we have to live with:

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Life Choices

In February, I made the decision that I did not want to work full-time anymore. I decided to apply for a part-time position and proceed with my own freelance business in the afternoons. Since then, I have been working all my mornings in a company in the city we now live in and spent the afternoons in my home office which turned out to be the perfect choice! I love what I am doing and I think I am doing two great jobs.

Anyhow, sometimes, my colleagues at work start complaining about the fact that I am so much better off with my part time job than they are with their full time positions. They make jokes about how I should not complain about my work load as I am only there for a few hours each day. What they easily forget about is, is that first of all, I am earning less money than they do and second of all, it is not my fault that they are stuck in the full time position. I am not forcing them to work a full day for a company. The only thing that is holding them back is themselves! If they wanted to, they could start their own business, too.

But starting an own business is not as easy as everybody thinks. It means a lot of work and working from home also involves a lot of discipline as there are so many things that can easily distract you. If you want to get things done you need to be perfectly organized and you need to force yourself to sit at your desk and get stuff done.

I can live with the fact that people in offices are constantly complaining about everything (let’s be honest here, have you ever met an employee who has been a 100% satisfied???) even though it is taking me down with them if I am not fighting this. I am not willing to feel miserable all the time about what I am doing. If people hate their job so much, I wonder what is keeping them there. Is it the laziness of starting something else? Is it just the comfort of a guaranteed income? No matter what the reasons may be, in the end, it is simply a life choice. Everybody is responsible for one self and needs to make decisions about ones own life – nobody is keeping anybody from anything.

I am done feeling guilty about my own choices that are right for me and make me happy. I am not responsible for the life choices of others and if they aren’t happy with what they are doing it is not my problem to solve.

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