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Thursday Thoughts: How to Stay Organized?

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Something I learned over the past few weeks is that it is very important to give readers of a blog some extra value. That is why my mission now is to put in some extra value for you in each and every single post I am writing. I want YOU to get something out of this blog and I want YOU, the people who come back here all the time to profit from my musings! Today, I am sharing some insights on:

How To Stay Organized?

There are times when everything is really chaotic and stressful as there is way too much to do! I am experiencing a time like this at the moment as I am going to attend another trade show for work next week and there are a gazillion things to do beforehand. On top of that, we are planning a weekend getaway to the Lake of Garda to relax a little bit before next week which is definitely going to be exhausting!

Anyhow, no matter how much there is on my plate, I have to make sure that I do not forget about my key tasks of the week like updating this blog, our travel blog and working on my company website. Also there are loads of things to do in the house and I have to do the work for my freelance clients. All in all, there have been calmer weeks around here in the Tea Time headquarter…

But how do I stay organized with all these things to do and to think about? It is not easy but here is a list of things that is very important for me to stay organized and I hope, it’ll help you to put your life in order, to:

  • Make lists of literally everything – If something comes up in your mind, write it down immediately as chances are pretty high you will forget it along the way. Try to keep several lists for different parts of your life e.g. work- and private lists, lists for different blogs etc…
  • Prioritize!!! – Sometimes I tend to just walk myself down the list without thinking about what on my list is the most important things. To avoid this, sit down for a few minutes after writing down your list and think about what needs to be done urgently and what can wait for a little while longer.
  • Start routines - Routines are great! Is there anything you have to do on a regular basis? Set some time apart for these tasks and try to do them regularly. Things like checking social media accounts of clients, keeping track of statistics or updating the technical parts of your blog – all things that have to be done regularly. In the beginning, starting a new routine can get tricky as you are not used to it. What helped me a lot was setting reminders on my phone in the beginning until I started to think about my regular tasks without having to be reminded about them.
  • Plan ahead – I usually sit down on a Sunday and plan the following week. Sundays are typically a bit less stressful and since I stopped blogging on the weekends, I have so much more time on hand to use for all the things that suffer from my busy schedule during the week. What I do on a Sunday is first think of everything that HAS to be done next week (private- and work-wise). Then, I write my blogging schedule and plan which posts I am going to publish when. I also make a meal plan and write my shopping list. This way, I can just grab it on Monday and do the grocery shopping. I found this awesome blog, called I Heart Organizing. This blog gives you super great tips and ideas on how to organize yourself a bit better. It also has amazing resources to download. Compared to Jen, I am probably the least unorganized person in the world but I have a feeling that I am getting better at it.
  • Do one thing at a time – have you ever started doing something and just a few minutes later got distracted by another task? That happened to me a lot until I started a new rule: Always finish what you started before moving on to the next thing on the list. There is nothing worse than having many different unfinished tasks at the end of the day and not having accomplished a single thing – believe me, it feels so much more awarding looking back at a day and being able to list out what you achieved!
  • Having a dedicated time for everything – I once made an overview about when is the best time for what. For example, I like writing my Tea Time blog posts early in the morning. That is the first thing I do every weekday (even before breakfast) and it feels great to have accomplished something so early in the day. This totally motivates me! Also, reading emails and other blogs is something I like doing in the evenings when my energy level is very low and I do not have to concentrate that much. In the afternoons, I have a dedicated office time during which I work on my company website, my client work and our travel blog.
  • Finally: STICK TO THE PLAN – A great plan does not help if you are not sticking to it.  Try to do what’s on there first and if you have time left afterwards, use it to do whatever it is you wanna do.

What is your secret to stay organized and get shit done?

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  1. I really loved this post filled with so many great tips and ideas! It definately is an ongoing process, although, there are small bits that can be done each day to help. I really appreciate you mentioning iHeart! Thank you for the sweetness!



    • You are so right! Doing one small thing each day makes life so much more organized already! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!


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