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Travel Destinations 2011

I am going to do different posts about the different destinations I am going to travel to this year. This will help me prepare much better for where I gonna go and what I am going to do there in particular. I will write one blog post about each destination I want to go to. This post will be the introductory one to a series of other posts. After my trips, I will of course write another post about the trip itself and about everything I experienced. I will give tips about what to do and what not and try my very best to give you a full picture of the destination.

So, here is my travel plan for 2011:

Berlin, Germany

5 days in March visiting ITB Berlin, celebrating my birthday and enjoy my most favourite German city! (I am also going to meet my parents there but that is not something that I am looking forward to…)


Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

4 days over Easter in April. I am going to meet there with S who is doing a semester abroad in Italy. We are both really looking forward to this trip. It is hopefully already warm there at this time of the year. Apart from Milan I have not seen any other city in Italy and Florence has always been on the list!!! I cannot wait to eat good Italian food and enjoy the Italian lifestyle for a couple of days!


Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

5 days in April / May. Of course, since S is going to be there for 6 months, this has been the first destination on the list!!! Rome is a must have seen city and I am almost ashamed that in my 27 years of living I have not made it there once! All the history, the old buildings and everything that has been the center of the whole Roman Empire – That is something I really need and want to see!!! (for both my Italy trips I need to study some Italian words! Should start communicating with my Italian colleague more often…)

North-East Coast USA

2 weeks, end of May / beginning of June. After I have been in New York and after I have traveled the South-West coast of the US, I always knew that I also want to see the “oldest” cities over there on the East coast. I loved new York and so far it is my most favourite city on the planet but I also want to see the surroundings: Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, the big universities Harvard and Yale and many other things around that area! Of course, I will stop over in New York. I cannot go there without visiting this amazing city! It has already been too long since I have been there the last time!

Sofia, Bulgaria

5 days, end of August. To be honest I don’t know anything about Sofia or Bulgaria but I know that S is going to be there for almost 3 months over the summer and that makes me curious enough to pack my bags and go there as well to get to know this city and get a closer insight into the Eastern part of Europe! It would have probably not been my number 1 travel destination but I am always interested in getting to know different places and cultures!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

One weekend at some point this year. Another city that has been on my must see list forever! I am going to use the fact that a friend of mine lives there and thus, I am going to visit her! The date for this is not yet clear but I guess it will probably be in the second half of this year since I already have loads of other travel plans for the first half of the year!

Logroño, North of Spain

Perhaps over Christmas because I was invited by R to spend this year’s Christmas with her and her family. After the disaster Christmas last year, I am definitely not going home again! Plans for Spain has not yet been made but I like the idea and I am really happy that R offered this to me! It would be a great way to practice my Spanish a bit more as well!

Istanbul, Turkey 

A couple of days over New Year’s! S and me decided that we do not want to spend another New Year’s eve in Germany after the last one was horrible for both of us! And Istanbul is supposed to be an amazing city and also on my must see list! So great idea and I am really looking forward to that!!! And there is a small chance that we won’t have snow there and that the temperatures are not freezing cold!!!! And I can totally imagine myself sitting along the Bosporus and waiting for the new year with great company! (Others are more than welcome to join us on this trip of course!)

The New Year is the end of 2011 and thus, the end of my travel plans. Other plans apart from the above mentioned is a Spain trip with my Spanish class but if I can participate all depends on when that is going to take place . Of course, I want to go to my home town or Germany at some point this year not necessarily because I want to see my family but to see my friends and because my family kind of expects me to come… Furthermore, I might go on day or weekend trips to different cities in the North of the UK that I still haven’t seen.

You will hear from me soon about my first destination: Berlin!

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