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Travel Visions

Airbus is currently thinking of new designs for aircrafts with different new features. That made me start thinking about what my visions of traveling in the future would be. I am a total travel addict and always searching for ways to improve my travels.

Going somewhere is great but it also involves a lot of stress and a lot of boring time. The further you go, the longer it takes you and the more time you have to kill. As I posted earlier, my iPad comes in really handy and there are different other things that I use to make my travels as comfortable as possible. For long trips I have a pillow that I can have around my neck so that my neck does not hurt that much when I fall asleep. I also take blinds for my eyes with me so that my sleep is not disturbed by other passengers who might be reading around me. I also try to wear really comfortable cloths and make sure that I have enough layers because it can become relatively cold in an airplane especially when you are sleepy. For my physical well being I also make sure that I have enough to drink and a few healthy snacks with me.

But what if we could design our own travel features? If I could create whatever I wanted, my top priority would be to get rid of the whole travel process at all and have a travel machine that would bring me from one place to the other within seconds. If that is not possible there are different ways to improve our normal travel experience. I would love to have beds for every passenger on a long distance trip and not just for business and first class. I do not need all the other stuff that you get extra in those classes. They could still serve me the same food and give me the same entertainment options. I also do not need a pyjama or whatever else you might get. I just want to lie down because my most important issue on long distance trips is that after a while I just don‘t know how to sit anymore and a real bed would help extremely!!! I would be so much more relaxed at arrival in my destination.

Another thing that would be great would be the possibility to use the internet on flights as well as charge electronical devices at every seat. Even my great iPad battery does not last for a whole flight that is longer than 9 hours if I use it constantly…

You can see, my travel visions are not too unrealistic (not counting in the idea about the travel machine!). Implementing a few of those changes would make my travels so much more convenient and comfortable! I wish Airbus would come up with a great new airplane having implemented all these different ideas.

What are your travel visions? Feel free to leave a comment!

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