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Traveling with an iPad

I am usually taking my iPad with me wherever I go. That is because it has everything on it I need to be entertained on my journeys. Traveling in an airplane, train, bus or car can be pretty boring because nothing really happens. Thus, I figured that having an iPad stocked up with entertainment before traveling is the best way to go.

I can use my iPad for all sorts of things such as watching TV Shows or movies, listening to music, reading a book, pre-writing my blog posts or stuff for work, playing games and so on. The iPad is the perfect companion for this because it has a long battery life, it is small but not too small to do all these things and not really heavy. I have noticed people looking jealous in planes when I am watching something on my iPad while they are totally bored.

If you travel a lot, this device is really practical and should definitely go in your hand luggage!

2 Kommentare

  1. I’m planning to buy one this week so am happy to hear that your get so much use out of yours. Do you use it to blog on WordPress when you’re traveling? That’s one of the main reasons I’m planning to purchase one so would like to hear from someone who uses it to do that. Cheers!


    • Yes, I am using the ipad a lot to blog! The same applies to my phone! Sometimes it ia easier to just carry around the iphone and to write on there. But the downside of that is that it is incredibly small and can get annoying. Writing with the ipad is a lot
      more comfortable!!! I never tried any other tablets but I am totally satisfied with the ipad! :-)


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