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Tree Project #18

Another week has passed and with all the excitement about our engagement and the new house, I am still trying not to forget about my Tree Project which is really important to me. I love the tree and me time once a week and I love to see the changes as we are approaching summer. I remember the sadness of the tree during winter. Now it is glooming in full green:

Tree Project #18

Also the grass surrounding it is greener and higher than before and I love the cute little yellow dandelions around it!

Unfortunately, the weather is more like April weather at the moment. It can be sunny and two minutes later a storm comes up and it is pouring down. That reminds me a bit of my time in the UK when weather kept changing so many times a day…

Today’s picture kind of captures the change in weather as it was sunnier a few minutes before and started raining just 10 minutes later when I got home.

If you are interested in seeing the differences of the tree over time, please check my Tree Project Pinterest Board.

How was your start into the new week?

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