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Tree Project #20 – An Early Morning View

And again, I have been missing my Tree Project Post of last week. It has been a crazy week with loads of work and on top of that, my parents have been around for the long weekend. On Saturday, I finally managed to stop by my tree during my early morning run:

Tea Time Blog Tree Project #20

This morning, there were a lot of hot air balloons in the sky. Can you spot the little orange one in the picture? Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with my and thus, took the picture with my phone.

I simply love the light and the overall atmosphere this early in the morning (it was between 6 and 7 a.m.). The air is still extremely clear and fresh and all this wakes me up and makes me fit for the upcoming day. Beforehand, I usually went running in the evenings but I do not like the dusty air at that time of the day. Running in the morning seems to be exactly what I want as long as there is sunshine!

What about you? Do you prefer early mornings or late afternoons?

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