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Tree Project #21 – Matte Effect Edition

It is boiling hot over here in Southern Germany! I do not mind heat as long as it is dry heat. What we are experiencing at the moment is very very humid heat which I cannot stand at all! I feel horrible most of the time as I am having cardiac and circulatory troubles… That is why I would love to sit in a pool constantly!

Anyhow, I went outside for you today, to take a quick picture for my Tree Project as I did not want to miss out on it another week. Here is my Tree Project post #21 – Matte Effect Edition:

Tea Time Blog - Tree Project #21 Final

What you might notice is that they have cleared the space around the tree. The old machine that was located in the middle of the grass is gone now and we can only see a brown spot in the area where it had been sitting. This makes me a bit sad as it has always been there in my pictures and I really liked it. Well, I guess, I will have to live without it for the rest of the year…

I have been addicted to the matte effect on pictures lately. Here is a quick tutorial by Christina Greve on How to add a Matte Effect to your Pictures in Photoshop. I am still playing around with this feature but I really like the outcomes so far…

Have you ever tried adding a matte effect to your pictures? Which tool did you use?

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