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Tree Project #6: Filter Mania

Hello and happy Monday from Southern Germany! I love having time off. Mondays aren’t too bad when you don’t have to go to work. Right now, I am enjoying a cup of elderflower and cherry tea while editing my tree pictures that I took yesterday for my Tree Project. Yesterday became a little Filter Mania day as I tried some color filters for the first time.

My boyfriend gave me those filters last December and I always wanted to try them. As the weather is more or less the same every day and most of my tree pictures have been sunny so far (apart from last week…), I thought this would make a nice difference. So here you go with my tree pictures of the week:

Tree Project #6 - Filter Mania

The first picture was taken without a color filter. I usually only use an UV filter to make sure that my original lens is safe. I don’t mind too much if there is a scratch on my 20€ filter but the same scratch on my 300-400€ lens would not be that funny anymore…

Tree Project #6 - Filter Mania

The second picture was taken with a green filter. It is not obvious at first sight that a filter was applied but I noticed that the colors are a bit less bright as on the picture without the filter. What do you think?

Tree Project #6 - Filter Mania

With the last picture, it is totally obvious, that I used a color filter here! Due to the filter, the whole picture gets a purple touch. I am still not sure if I like this color a lot… I will have to play around with this filter and use it in various situations to see when best to use it. I will keep you posted…

This tree project is definitely a lot of fun but I think it is time for some weather and/or natural changes. I really wish for snow now (even though I usually hate snow…)! It would be nice to have a proper snow shoot.

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