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Tree Project #9 – A Tree in Black and White

Yesterday was another of these horrible grey and rainy days that I cannot stand at all! I was busy preparing for my week away on a business trip but still, I do not like having to have the lights on inside all day to see properly…

Anyhow, I still went out to take my weekly tree shot. First, I took a normal picture but the atmosphere around the tree was so triste and cold that I decided to go for a black and white shot:

Tree Project #9 - A Tree in Black and White

Black and white photos are ideal for grey days like yesterday! At least, this way, people could assume that it was not really that grey! I also like working on my pictures with photoshop and only highlighting some parts of the picture in it’s original color. This way, the picture looks way more interesting than taking a color picture that actually does not have a lot of color… Maybe I should do another shot in black and white next week and highlight some things in color, what do you think?

Have a great start into the new week everybody!!! As you are reading this, I will be most likely on my way to Berlin already!

2 Kommentare

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