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Tree Time on Tea Time #23

The tree of my Tree Project stopped changing a while ago when it turned green. I know it is going to start changing again a few weeks time but for now, it remains the same week after week.

Tea Time Blog - Tree Project #23

I really want to go there and take a picture at sunrise / sunset hour but so far, I have been either busy or asleep at those times… I will try again next week in order to show you a different atmosphere.

Right now, I feel extremely exhausted every single day. Yesterday, I was so tired that I slept almost all day. And after sleeping for a long time last night, I still felt tired when I woke up this morning. I think it is just all the stuff that is going on in my life right now with the renovation, work, wedding preparations and birthday celebrations that is exhausting me so much. I am trying to rest in between but it is very hard as all these thoughts come into my mind all the time!

Do you have any tips about how to relax in stressful times like these?

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2 Kommentare

  1. Sometimes when you get too much sleep, it makes you even more tired. Try and take some time for yourself– go on a walk, read a book or take your camera out to town with you. Have you set a date for your wedding yet?


    • Thanks for the tips Heather!!! You might be right about the too much sleep… I am trying to set more time aside for myself to give me a chance to breath! :-) We’ve set a date already. It is going to be 6 June, 2015! Less than a year to go but still enough time to plan everything properly! :-)


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