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Trying to untrash my inbox…

I lately figured out that I receive way too many spam mails and it always annoys me when I see that I have received so many messages only to find out that they are only spam mails!

It is not just normal spam but also all these newsletters, updates from social networks you are a member of and information from companies or products that you spend money on. Even though I always give out my special “spam email address” for things like that, it still annoys me that it comes up in my inbox!

I am now trying to get rid of them which is easier said than done! Have you ever tried to find the “unsubscribe” button in a newsletter? Some companies give you a really hard time because it is not always worded “unsubscribe” (as I recently learned in an email marketing course, they do not use it because it can cause the email to end up in the spam folder…). There are so many ways to say the same thing and that makes it harder for the customer to unsubscribe. Sometimes I am just too lazy to search the button and get rid of future emails.

If you managed to find the button, sometimes it can happen that it does not work the way it is supposed to be. Or the opening website asks you to type in username and password but the password you know you have used before does not work. Another thing that can happen (especially when using social networks) is that you end up on a page where you can select for what you wish to receive emails. These lists are so detailed that it takes you forever to go through them and mark what you want to receive.

As you can see, getting rid of unwanted spam, newsletters or other information is not easy at all and can become really time consuming. Isn’t it better to just not subscribe to many things in the first place? Considering that I do not have the time to read all the newsletters and updates, that would probably be the better option in my case…

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