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Tuesday Recipe Link-Up: My Favorite Italian Dishes

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food - Pizza and Bruscetta

It is time for another recipe link-up. As we were away this past weekend and as we still do not have a kitchen (next week, ladies and gentleman, I am going to be back behind the stove and oven to prepare the most wonderful meals again!!! – Can’t wait for the 25th of September to arrive!!!), I did not cook a lot last week.

I am still offering the chance to post your most favorite recipe of your week as I’d love to get inspired for great food to be cooked in my brand new kitchen soon (If you do not remember, this is what my kitchen will look like next week…) So please hit me with all your recipes!!!

Instead of sharing a recipe, I am sharing my most favorite sorts of Italian food with you today. Here are some insights into the Dolce Vita we were enjoying this past weekend:


Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Raspberry Spritzer

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Blue Spritzer

Right before heading out to dinner, Italians like to go for a so called Aperitivo. This is where they have one or two glasses of drinks and some snacks and antipasti to wet their appetite! In the area around Lake Garda and South Tyrol, people love spritzers (usually some sort of sparkling wine, some sparkling water and a type of alcoholic beverage). You can get them with every sort of taste and in many different colors. I tried the ones with raspberry and blue curaçao in it… In South Tyrol, I love having a Johannes instead.

Tomato with Mozzarella Cheese and Olives

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food - Tomato with Mozzarella and Olives

This is the perfect starter for an Italian dinner!!! Don’t even get me started on how yummy these fresh olives were…

Italian Bruscetta and Pizza

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Pizza and Bruscetta

My most preferred Italian food is pizza of course! Where if not in Italy – the country of the pizza world champions – would you get the best pizza in the world? I also like Bruscetta and love to have it topped with Italian spicy salami!!!

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Italian Pasta


Pizza is directly followed by pasta when it comes to my most favorite Italian dishes… No matter if it is cooked with meat, fish or fresh vegetables, it is always an amazing treat – especially if the pasta is homemade. I often make pasta myself to treat us with something special once in a while…

Mediterranean Seafood

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Mediterranean Seafood

I love seafood and the stuff that comes out of the Mediterranean Sea is simply delicious and I cannot get enough of it!!!

Italian Coffee

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food -  Italian Coffee

After finishing a meal, I like to have a cup of coffee for better digestion. As my stomach cannot handle very strong coffee, I prefer cappuccino or latte macchiato with a lot of milk and milk foam.

Italian Ice Cream

Tea Time Blog - Italian Food - Italian Ice Cream - Stracciatella

Coming to my most favorite part of every meal: Desert! I could eat ice cream literally every single day of my life – that is how much I love it!! Stracciatella, Yoghurt and Amarena are my favorite types… Which one do you like best? Also great as a desert in Italy is Tiramisu!!!

What is your most favorite Italian Dish?

Your Turn:

Share your most favorite recipe of the week with fellow chefs and bakers in my Tuesday Recipe Link-UpI look forward to all your recipes! Don’t forget to stop by other bloggers who are sharing their recipes! Have a lovely Tuesday everybody!!! When you share your recipe, please use the Hashtag #TTTR

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