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Tuesday Tea: DIY Pencil Holder

Last year, I was into creating a lot of beautiful things for our home. One project I had in mind for a long time was creating a pencil holder that fulfills its needs as well as looks stylish. I came up with a fairly easy way of doing this. All you need are the following three things:

DIY Pencil Holder

This boring old white plastic mug was ideal for my purposes. I simply sprayed it with the gold spray and then decorated it with these beautiful self-adhesive pearls:

DIY Pencil Holder

The outcome is practical and stylish at the same time:

DIY Pencil Holder DIY Pencil Holder DIY Pencil Holder

Creating the golden pencil holder is very easy and does not take long but the outcome is pretty and works perfectly for my workspace!

What do you think? Do you like it? What sort of things in your home did you make yourself?

This post is part of the Tuesday Tea Party hosted by SamKhalaReneé, and Jenni! Join the fun and get to know fellow bloggers. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog! Please let me know that you were here in the comments section below so that I can check out your blog, too!

Tuesday Tea

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