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Tuesday Tea: A Spanish Tapas Indulgence

Last year, we had some friends over for a little Tapas indulgence! As I love everything Spanish, I obviously love Spanish food in general, and tapas in particular a lot! Our friends already experienced a tapas evening with us a few weeks back and were a little afraid this time. The Spanish recipes are well known for including a lot of olive oil and garlic and when our friends arrived last time, our whole flat smelt a lot of garlic and fried oil (the use of 2 bottles (!) of olive oil as well as 2 whole bulbs (!) of garlic might have been the reason…). Even though they liked the food, it was just a bit extreme and when they heard that we would be serving Spanish tapas again you can imagine their faces!

But when I was in Barcelona last February (yes, I went on a little weekend trip to escape mid-European winter and enjoy some sunshine), I was able to finally acquire some typical Spanish crockery and desperately wanted to use it:

Spanish Tapas Indulgence

I love these small bowls that can be used for presenting the food and you can even put it into the oven to heat things – how practical! Don’t these bowls directly add a Mediterranean flair into the table decoration?

I did not only purchase the typical Spanish dishes but as well some typical Spanish food such as Jamón Iberico, Olives, Chorizo and other typical Spanish meat. During our Spanish themed dinner, we enjoyed some fresh bread and a tomato-onion salad with these delicate food choices:

Spanish Tapas Indulgence - Olives Spanish Tapas Indulgence - Cheese Spanish Tapas Indulgence - Tomatoes Spanish Tapas Indulgence - Jamón Iberico Spanish Tapas Indulgence - Spanish Meat

Spanish food is just to die for, don’t you think? What is your most favorite type of food?

I wish you all a delicious day!!!

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    • Hey Nina, Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog!!! Yes, Tapas are the absolut best!!!


    • Thanks for stopping by Kristal! Yes, Mexican food is also extremely good!!! Have a fantastic day!


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