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Tuesday Tea: Will I ever be a good mum?

The other day, one of my friends came over with her little daughter. Why she was on the balcony with Christian’s sister for a while, she asked me to watch the baby which I tried.

But as soon as she was outside the door, the baby started crying with the loudest screams and I had no idea how to calm her down. I felt so sorry for her as she was obviously missing her mum already. The problem I realized I had was that I had no clue how to interact with a baby. I am not good in talking to babies – I cannot put that tone in my voice that others have when they interact with little ones. I have no idea why but I feel stupid when I do that.

I have absolutely no problem speaking to kids of, lets say kindergarden age when they are able to say something back and understand what I am saying. I am fine with that but babies? – I am useless…

I kept thinking about this incident over and over again and started to worry: Will I ever be a good mum? How will I interact with my own childs? Will they not start screaming because I cannot calm them? Everybody keeps telling me that it will be different with my own kids but will it really be?

Does anyone of you have the same fears or had them before having a baby? Let me know about your experiences.

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Tuesday Tea

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4 Kommentare

  1. I had to watch the baby of my friend for a few hours a while ago and it went even worse. She (the 1 1/2 year old) hit her hands on the floor and cried. I picked her up, had no idea what to do, but started rocking her because why not. Eventually she fell asleep. I later found out that when she hits her hands on the floor it means that she is very tired and not that she misses her mom, as I thought. I think as a mother you know what your child wants (food, diaper change, sleep etc.) and the kid responds differently to you because he/she knows that you are able to fulfill the need. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


    • Thanks! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with an experience like that! I really do hope that it will be different with my own child when I am a mum some day!


  2. Don’t worry, I have the same fears as you Jana! I also feel so stupid talking with that baby voice tone, so I don’t do it at all! It will certainly be different with our own children, so for now just do your best with your friend’s baby!


    • I really hope your are right but I am having more and more good feelings about it!!!


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