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TV Show Addiction

Before I came to the UK I did not really watch TV Shows. The only shows I’ve seen were Gilmore Girls, Sex and the City, How I met your Mother, Dawson’s Creek and The OC. Apart from those I did not even know about many more. That is mainly because I do not watch TV at all. I don’t like the TV because of all the advertisement which annoys me so much that I rather not watch a movie or TV show. I prefer watching things on DVD or online.

When I came here, I met R who knew every TV show and was really shocked in the beginning about my limited knowledge in this area. She recommended show after show to me and even made a list with shows that I should watch as well as movies that I missed out on before. In the beginning this was a really long list, but after a while I was able to catch up. I was watching TV shows ALL the time. Whenever I had a free minute I was watching them and soon I caught up on many of the TV shows she had recommended. Now I am watching the current episodes on a regular basis. I know places online where I can inform myself about TV shows and movies and I am more aware of new shows than ever before – and I love it!!!

I can actually say that I became a bit addicted to all the shows out there! I could talk about them constantly – about all my favourite episodes, characters and stories! I am still catching up with older TV shows (recently I started with Desperate Housewives and I still have 6 seasons to go…) because the list is still quite long. Last summer I managed to watch 10 seasons of Friends (which I have not seen before…) in 1 1/2 months. Among my friends here in the UK I am already well known as the TV show master! :-)

I really hope that there will always be good TV shows as there are at the moment. Sometimes shows stop and that made me really sad for some shows that I really liked in the past but at least there are new ones every year.

On the right side, I have listed all the TV shows that I like and used to watch or still watch if you want to have a look!

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