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USA Road Trip 2012

¡¡¡Hola chicas!!! Yes, I had my first spanish class after over 1 year of not speaking spanish and it was great! I had an amazing time and cannot wait for all the upcoming lectures during which I will hopefully be able to improve my language skills!

But coming back to the topic of today’s post… I mentioned before, we have been planning a trip to the US in October. As it is only 2 more weeks away now, I started planning the trip more intensively.

USA East Coast Roadtrip 2012

So far, I have a plan for the rough route we are going to take and booked the car and some of the hotels on the way! For the first 4 days, we are going to stay in the beautiful and vibrant city of New York! I have been there twice already but my boyfriend hasn’t and I am so looking forward to showing him all of my favourite spots!!!

From there, we are going to start our road trip, first heading towards Boston while stopping several times at the coast in places such as Mystic, Newport, Cape Cod and Provincetown. From Boston, we will continue our trip towards Toronto in Canada and will stop at the Niagara Falls beforehand. In Toronto, we are going to meet an old uni friend of mine! Our next stop then will be Washington D.C., a place I always wanted to visit and will finally have the chance! Before heading back to New York at the end of our trip, we will also spend some time in Philadelphia.

USA East Coast Roadtrip 2012

How do you like our route? Do you have any recommendations for all the stops we are going to make? Please share them in the comments below!

Now, that I started planning the trip, I am totally into American life style again… watching American and especially New York based TV-Shows and movies and cannot stop thinking about all the great fast food we are going to have… the hell with the diet, this is not a beach holiday! What I have been missing a lot here in Germany ever since I came back are the Starbucks cafés! I am a total Starbucks addict and will make sure that I get my daily Starbucks treat when we are there! And don’t get me started on Dunkin’ Donuts!!!

I will also be tweeting and instagraming about my trip, so please follow me! I will be using the hash tags #teatime and #USEastCoastTrip

What do you love about the US???

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    • Thanks!!! Yeah, I hope it all works out according to plan! :-) there is still a lot of planning to do but the most important things are done! Still two more weeks to go but I love the US! Such a great place to travel to!!!


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