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Our Valentine’s Dinner

Last year, my boyfriend and me decided that we were not giving each other any presents for Valentine’s Day or our Anniversary which is exactly the day before. Instead, we started a tradition and are cooking a perfect dinner for each other. I had my anniversary dinner last Thursday and on Friday, it was time for my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Dinner. And I can tell you, it was GREAT!!!

Valentine's Dinner

He created an amazing four course dinner and totally outperformed my dinner. I soooo need to go on another diet after having all this food!!! Here are the different courses he made:

Valentine's Dinner

As a starter, he made Italian Bruscetta. You never can go wrong with bruscetta as starter when you cook dinner for me! I love the light taste of garlic and the combination of tomatoes and basil in olive oil is just to die for!!!

Valentine's Dinner

The second course was something I haven’t had in ages but was the best version of it I’ve ever had in my life: Fried scallops in white wine, orange and cream sauce covered with fried chillies. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.!!!

Valentine's Dinner

The main course was THE BEST part of the whole dinner!!! He made matured Angus steak and served it with a baked potato and cream cheese. I have never had such great meat before! It was so smooth and grilled to perfection! I just LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!! It simply couldn’t get any better than this and then he served desert:

Valentine's Dinner

Desert was self-made Mascarpone Parfait with a coconut crumble and raspberry sauce. I really have to get the recipe out of him so that I can share it here on the blog with you!!!

This dinner was the best dinner ever! I felt so good and fulfilled afterwards! This will be really hard to top the following year! Thanks soooo much to the best boyfriend of the planet!!! I love you!!!

What was the most delicious dinner you ever had? Please share!

6 Kommentare

    • It really has been delicious!!! I wish I could have it again this week… and next week… and the week after… (:-))


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    • Hi Jasmine, Thanks for stopping by and for your invitation. I would love to take part in your virtual tea party but unfortunately, I am working at a trade show that weekend. :-( I wish you a very successful event and please let me know in case you are organizing another one!!!


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