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Wake me up

Hello my dears! I hope you had a great day!!! I am in a traffic jam right now on my way home but the road is completely blocked…

Anyhow, what I wanted to talk about today is coffee! Recently, my mug of coffee on my way to work became a new morning routine! Yes, I know, I am calling myself a teaholic and now I am talking about coffee… :-)

I have never been a big coffee drinker and I am still not. Usually, I have one cup of coffee a day max and that became kind of a ritual to me. It wakes me up and keeps me awake while driving for 45 minutes to work. After that I am only having tea in the office which I consider a much healthier and tastier choice. I know, coffee tastes great as well but I can only have a certain amount of it before I get extremely thirsty… :-) This does not happen with tea.

Coming back to taking my coffee with me on my way to work: In March, I got a fantastic reusable mug from my best friend for my birthday which is the perfect little helper:


Since then, I am taking coffee with me every time I am on the road. It just has the perfect size so that it fits into my car cup holder perfectly! (And it is pretty…)

For all of you who are jealous now, you can order it here: (they ship worldwide!)

The good thing about it is that I can either use my own coffee machine (in my case Senseo) or just take it with me to any coffee place to get it filled up! It is better for the environment than paper mugs and very low maintenance! Also, it keeps my coffee perfectly warm for a very long time!

I had another mug from Starbucks before but unfortunately, it was too big to fit under the Senseo machine.

What are you doing in the mornings to wake you up?

4 Kommentare

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