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Welcome Back Summer 2012

Good Day!!! How was everyone’s start into the new week? Mine has not been that great since there were to many dramas going on at work and my boss is on holiday. On top of that I almost forgot about an important meeting and was not really prepared in the end!

On a positive note, it has been a short day because of the local festivities! I was allowed to leave the office by 2 today which means that I came home an hour ago. So there is still the whole afternoon ahead of me!!!

Also, summer finally showed its face again so that I was able to wear my new high heel sandals with one of my summer dresses to work today:

Summer Dress

I love the colour blue even though it is not my most facourite colour. But I think blue works really well with clothes and that is why many pieces of my wardrobe are blue in all sorts of different shades. What is your facourite clothes colour???

When I came home I had to pick up a parcel from my boyfriend’s house and his mum was really sweet and gave me these sunflowers of our vase in the living room:

Sun Flowers

It came straight out of her garden! It truely is a garden of treasures! We have so much fresh vegetables and fruits and flowers because of them! I wish we had our own garden as well!!!

I hope the rest of the week turns out to be better than today!!! Now I am off for a bit of relaxation in the sun!! Have a great rest of the day!!!

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