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Welcome to Kos Downtown

I was going through my pictures of our Greek holiday the other day and started working on them! One highlight of our trip was our visit to Kow Town. Even though, we spent most of our time on Kos in our hotel by the pool (it was just soooooo relaxing!!!!), we took half a day to explore the town that is situated around 4km from our hotel. Kos town is the capital of the island where most of the inhabitants live and where most of the business of the island take place.

1 Harbour

With a bus we went from our hotel straight into the vibrant heart of the town: the harbour. This place is full of tourists, fishers, restaurants and people trying to sell tickets for a boat trip to Bodrum (which is only 6km away…) or Nyssiros (a vulcanic island that used to be part of Kos before a strong earthquake hit the island and separated the two…)

3 Moschee

We walked around the town first and had a look at the different shops, markets and restaurants! Some of them were even located in former mosques as there are not many muslims living on Kos anymore. The major market hall is the centre of the town and you can get literally all culinary treasures Kos has to offer: Spices, olives, honey, olive oil and fresh fruit and vegetables! It‘s a fantastic place to walk around and enjoy the greek cuisine!

4 Market 5 Spices

In certain areas, the town reminded us of ancient Rome as there were so many ruins and archeological excavations. Many archeologists were sitting around, taking measures and making sketches of the various ruins!

8 Ruins

We were walking around an old amphitheatre and many other ruins. It felt a bit like an adventure playground! We were allowed to touch and climb everything and it was a bit like time traveling!

7 Theatre

In the end, we had a fantastic greek lunch (gyros with pita bread, Tzatziki and greek salad) in one of the beautiful and typically greek restaurants. Of course some of them looked like typical touristy places:

2 Restaurant

What I usually do is looking out to where the locals go to have lunch or dinner and I am usually surprised by the places they go to as they are usually not the restaurants I would have picked! But the food and the local atmosphere totally make up for the non-touristy location!

9 Houses

It has been a great morning in Kos town and going there by bus definitely is an adventure as the bus drivers do not seem to care about red traffic lights and like screaming at other drivers on the road…

6 Church

Have you ever been to Kos? What were your highlights there?

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