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You’ve got Mail

I have been ill last week with a flu and what else is there when you are stuck to your bed and cannot concentrate on reading? Right, getting out old comedy movies to cheer you up! That is exactly what I did because I needed something positive and funny. So my choice was the movie “You’ve got mail” which I have already seen several times already which guaranteed me that I would not be disappointed.

The movie is from 1998 and keeping that in mind it is quite clear that email as we know it today was not the same back then. That is something that I really like about the movie. It reminds me of those old times back in the 90ies when internet and email have been so new and it took ages to even connect to the world wide web. I have never been much of a chatter who goes to chat rooms (do they even still exist today???) and talks to complete strangers. Nevertheless, I have been chatting and emailing a lot with my friends since we all started to use the internet on a regular basis.

In the beginning, I remember we also had this AOL connection with the three little windows that appeared while the external (!) modem was trying to log into the internet. That meant waiting for around 5-10 minutes listening to the funny sounds these old fashioned modems used to make. And then, when you were finally logged in, AOL let you know that you had a new email by saying so: “You’ve got mail” and a little envelope appeared. This was always really exciting and in the movie it is exactly like that.

Today, emails became so usual that nobody gets excited about them anymore. We all use them on a daily basis to communicate with our friends, to communicate with businesses, to work and, unfortunately, to receive lots of spam. Don’t you have the feeling that emails became the same as mail has been before? Nowadays, it is rather rare that you receive a nice letter-style email from a friend. Most of the time you only receive advertisements, newsletters or even invoices via email. You can be lucky when you receive a short note from one of your friends or an email send by them to all of their friends including you. I remember, back in the days when the internet was still developing, I always got really excited about the little virtual envelope and the little words “You’ve got mail”.

Where have those days gone? Even with all the technical developments I sometimes wish them back only to feel this excitement about an email from a friend again! It was definitely fun! We were not able to read our emails everywhere we went. There was just this computer connected to the modem at home where we could log in and check for mails. That made it even more exciting!

How great would it be just to have a Retro PC again for a few hours or a day? Just for fun???

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